Algologie contains over 40 natural vitamins, minerals, plant hormones and proteins all completely natural are contained in sea plants and seawater


The Algologie products have resulted from this research contain all of the richness and goodness of the sea, helping to rapidly improve the appearance of the skin


These products contain the most up to date, effective and internationally resourced skin care ingredients to provide real and rapid results


We all want to look young, beautiful and healthy. For thousands of years women from eastern civilisations have applied seawater and sea plants to their skin with astonishing results. They maintained their beautiful and youthful skin longer and the skin didnt seem to show as quickly the signs of premature aging.



Fleur De Mer has been specially formulated for Australian conditions


Specialising in unique and intensive skin treatments for a variety of skin problems to ensure lovelier more youthful looking skin.

With a wide range of unique spf 50+ sunblocks, plain or tinted foundation cream bases, the range is also the leader in sunblock protection


Australian made Asap skin care offers scientifically proven, highly effective and affordable products for all skin types and is only available in professional salons. Active ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids(AHA’s) and antioxidants are used to create simple skin care range that has fast acting, visible results.