Indulge yourself in an Algologie Facial. Experience the benefits of the sea as vitamins and minerals give a refreshing burst of life to your skin, educating it to perform its proper functions.


Skin Consultation

Our Skin Therapist will assess and analyse the skin and recommend an appropriate program, including in-salon treatments and home care to achieve the best results. Cost is redeemable on treatment or product purchased.
Skin consultation ... $50
Level 1 - The Essential Skin Treatments

This series of treatments will increase the skin's ability to retain vitamins and minerals allowing your skin to function at its optimal health.



  • Hydrating
  • Detoxifying
  • Repairing
  • Revitalising

1 hour ... $90

Level 2 - Specific Skin Therapy Treatments

These specific skin treatments are the second step in achieving skin health and vitality. These treatments are to target specific or persistent concerns.


Deep Hydrating
Purifying Oily
Sensitive Skin
Anti Aging


1 hour 15 min ... $110

Level 3 - Intensive Skin Therapy Treatments

The third stage of the Algologie treatment program. Intensive, performance charged treatments utilising the benefits of seaweed and algae to achieve healthy and radiant skin.


Anti Aging - Prevention
Hydration - Intensive Moisture Therapy
Purifying - Blemish Control / Post Acne
Clarifying - Pigmentation
Vitamin C - Anti Oxidant


1 hour 15 min ... $120

Level 4 - Advanced Skin Therapy Treatments

Science and nature are united to provide remarkable results for skins requiring solutions for modern day conditions such as Dehydration, rosacea, premature aging and free radical damage.

Results are lasting and immediate.


Super Oxide - Anti Oxidant
Anti Age - Correction
Vitamin A

Optimal Line Reducing Facial


1 hour 30 min … $140


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Marine Recharge

A customised express facial treatment designed to balance and nourish the skin.


45 min ... $70

High Frequency

A treatment used to remove all traces of bacteria on the skin. Includes extractions.


30 min ... $45
Add to a facial ... $25


Decongesting Treatment for the removal and management of blackheads, skin congestion, breakouts and acne. Using a galvanic current, minerals are infused into the skin, liquefying and repelling congestion and breakouts. Includes extractions.


1 hour 30 min ... $125


A treatment using a galvanic current to infuse valuable ingredients into the skin. Intensive serums are delivered quicker and deeper allowing us to target specific skin conditions or concerns. This results in deeply hydrated, refined and more youthful appearance and complexion without the discomfort of painful injections or surgery.


Skin Boost - Intensive Moisture Therapy

Pigment Control with Vitamin C - Clarifies and stimulates skin
Oxygen Blast - Promotes cell function
Anti Oxidant Environmental Control - Free radical protection
Anti Aging - Stimulates Circulation and revitalises

1 hour ... $105

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Microplus Microdermabrasion

The latest technology in Microdermabrasion. Microplus is a clinical grade treatment incorporating Sonophoresis to deliver a healthy, radiant skin. Microdermabrasion is a non surgical, safe and gentle procedure that deeply exfoliates and polishes the skin to stimulate new cell growth. Using a gentle vacuuming system and diamond tips, Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores.


Sonophoresis is a safe, non invasive treatment that uses Ultrasonic(soundwave) technology, warmth and motion energy that is clinically proven to significantly increase the depth and rate at which treatment products are absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin.


Microdermabrasion perfectly prepares the skin surface for the enhanced infusion of products during sonophoresis.


Microplus is an effective treatment for;

      - Fine lines and wrinkles

      - Acne, blackheads and congestion

      - Pigmentation

      - Minor scar Revision

      - Rejuvenation of dull, tired skin

      - Open pores

      - Aging hands

      - Sun damage on neck and decolletage

1 Hour ... $145

45 min ... $100

30 min ... $80



Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) Fruit acid peeling to revive the complexion and improve clarity. Softens fine lines and refines the texture to achieve a more youthful appearance. Flushes out pores and promotes healing in acne conditions. 


Enzyme Peels gently removes dead skin cells revealing a softer, smoother, more even textured skin. Fine lines, uneven pigmentation, rough skin and acne scars are gradually reduced. Ideal peeling for sensitive skins.


Regular 45mins ... $70

Add Regular to a facial ... $30


Intensive 45mins ... $80

Add Intensive to a facial ... $40


Marine Stone peels

A unique and gentle form of peeling that refines the surface of the skin allowing deep penetration of marine nutrients and is great for sun damage, scarring and deep lines.


Face, neck and décolletage 45min... $75

Add to facial ... $35

Add to a facial Neck and décolletage ... $25


Fruit Acid Herbal Peel

An essential anti-aging treatment. This intensive peel will deeply exfoliate and remove the build up in the skin follicle. also has an antibacterial effect to help manage acne and problematic skins, while also refining sun-damaged, scarred and lined skin. Will increase the absorbtion of active ingredients, promoting a healthier, hydrated and radiant appearance.


Face, neck and décolletage 45min ... $85

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Removes dead skin cells and oxygenates the eye contour reducing dark circles and puffiness. Smooth fine lines and wrinkles providing deep hydration to help reduce the signs of ageing.


Level 1 $20 when you add to a facial
Level 2 $30 when you add to a facial

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Swedish massage relaxes the body by working on tension due to stress.


30 min . $45

45 min . $60
1 hour . $75


Hot Stone Massage

Heated Basalt stones are used to warm and relax the muscles allowing a deeper release of tension. Stones are placed at specific points on the body depending on the clients concerns. The warmth of the stones improves the circulation and calms the nervous system.

Add on to a massage $25


Aromatherapy Massage

Using essential oil blends to relax, increase circulation, purify and detoxify the muscles.

Add on to a massage $10

Anti-Stress Back Treatment

To reduce stress, fatigue and inflammation by detoxing and relaxing the muscles. It rebalances the body and is also great for deep cleansing skin conditions such as acne and blackheads. Includes a 30 minute massage.

1 hour . $90

Sea Salt Exfoliation

You skin is massaged with a special blend of essential oils and sea salts that promotes circulation, detoxes and energises the skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky smooth. Includes a mini facial


1 hour . $90


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Naked Tan

2 hours wash and wear, colour continues to develop for 8 hours after showering. 3 colours, light, medium and dark. Leaves you with a beautiful natural colour lasting approximately 7 days.


Full Body . $35

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Shape and Paint

This is ideal for those with little time to spare


30 min ... $40



Your nails are filed and buffed into shape, your cuticles trimmed and tidied. Finish off with a massage and your choice of polish.


40 min ... $50


Spa Manicure

A relaxing manicure that leaves your skin soft and smooth. Exfoliation up to the elbows, removing dead skin and preparing the skin for a hydrating mask. Finish off with lotion, relaxing massage and your choice of polish.


1 hour ... $70



A foot treatment including trimming and filing of nails, cuticles soaked and trimmed, dead skin cells and rough heels buffed away. Finish off with a massage and your choice of polish.


1 hour ... $75


Spa Pedicure

A relaxing treatment that leaves the skin soft hydrated and feels like you are floating on air. Nails are cut and filed, cuticles soaked and trimmed. Legs and feet exfoliated and hard heels buffed preparing the feet for hydrating and soothing mask. Finish off with lotion, relaxing massage and your choice of polish.


1 hour 15 min ... $85


Callus Peel

Intensive heel therapy.

30 min ... $40

Add to a treatment ... $25

Shellac Nails

Looks like polish, wears like gel. 14 day wear, zero dry time, mirror finish. No more nicks, smudges or chips. Can be removed in ten minutes and a new colour applied each time. The latest nail technology and its so addictive! Great selection of colours available. Great for special occasions and brides


Elite CND Shellac Salon

Colour 15min....add $20
French 30min....add $25


Soak offs

Soak off 15min...$15

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Full Leg Wax ... $55

¾ Leg Wax ... $45

½ Leg Wax ... $35

Full Bikini first visit ... $70

Full Bikini reg visit ... $60

Extended Bikini from ... $32

Bikini from ... $20

Under Arm ... $20

½ Arm Wax ... $35

Full Arm Wax ... $42

Eye Brow Shape ... $27

Lip Wax ... $12

Chin Wax from ... $12

Face Wax ... $45

Lash Tint ... $20

Brow Tint ... $12

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Have 5 treatments and get the 6th one complimentary!


Permanent Hair Reduction

Pulsed light works by directing light to the hair follicle, safely destroying the follicle and surrounding cells involved in hair production. As hair grows at different stages, usually 8-10 visits 4 weeks apart are required until the desired result is achieved to be permanently hair free. Patch test $50 redeemable on your first treatment.

Brazilian Female ... $170
G String ... $120
Basic Bikini ... $85
Buttocks Crease ... $65
Full Buttocks ... $150
Under Arms ... $75
Hands & Fingers ... $50
Feet & Toes ... $50
Abdomen ... $160
Full Back ... $350
Chest ... $260
Chest & Abdomen ... $360
Nipples ... $60
Stomach ... $70
Shoulders ... $100
Upper Lip ... $40
Chin ... $60
Eyebrow Mid ... $40
Full Face ... $220
Spot Treatment ... from $50


Skin Rejuvenation

The pulsed light effectively treats sun damage, pigmentation, age spots, fine lines and unwanted surface blood vessels (rosacea, broken capillaries, red veins). Throughout the treatment the cells that produce collagen are stimulated giving you a fresher, plumper and more radiant facial appearance whilst refining pores and reducing lines. Although every person's skin is unique, 8 to 10 treatments are recommended to achieve a more beautiful, clear and radiant skin. Patch test $50 redeemable on your first treatment.

Face $150
Face & Neck ... $240
Décolletage ... $170
Face, Neck & Décolletage ... $350
Neck & Décolletage ... $260
Half Arms ... $200
Full Arms ... $280
Hands ... $80
Chin or nose ... $60
Nose & Chin ... $100
Cheeks ... $80
Nose, Cheek and Chin ... $150
Nose and Cheek ... $130
Spot Treatment ... from $50

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Mini Nirvana

- 1 hour 15 min Massage + Express Facial
Ideal for the person with limited time. Enjoy a customised express facial and a relaxing massage


1 hour 15 min  $115



- Specific Facial + Level 1 Eye Treatment
This treatment puts back what a busy lifestyle takes out. Nourish, hydrate and soothe your tired skin and eyes.


1 hour 15 min $130



- 1 hour Massage + Essential Facial
2 hours of bliss. Relax and unwind with a full body massage followed by a remineralising facial.


2 hours $165


Top to Toe Express

- 30 min massage + Marine Recharge Facial + Express Pedicure
Designed for the client who wants to be pampered but doesn't have a lot of free time. Treatment includes back, neck and scalp massage, 45 minute facial and express pedicure.


2 hours $180


Top to Toe Deluxe Experience

- 1 hour Massage + Specific Facial + Spa Pedicure
Relax and enjoy a combination of body and facial treatments. De-stress with a full body massage, have your skin rejuvenated with a deluxe facial and your feet pampered with a spa pedicure.


3 hours 30 min $270



- 1 hour Micro, 30minute massage, Spa Mani and Spa Pedi

Indulge with a 1hour Microplus Microdermabrasion facial to firm, plump, rehydrate and rebalance. Enjoy a relaxing back massage and finish with a Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure

3 hour 45 min $345


*Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST.

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